Some months ago I submitted 3 abstracts for the UKOUG Tech 2013 that will take place in Manchester, UK from December 2 to December 4, 2013:

  1. One to present some examples usage of R with the Oracle Database.
  2. One to present in a live demo my exadata utility.
  3. One to present in a live demo my asmiostat utility.

I have been also a volunteer to participate in judging. During the judging I saw ton of quality submissions, some of them made by famous people. Then after the judging I was prepared to get my abstracts rejected and so to stay home.

Last week, I had the honor to get one of my abstract accepted (The R one) and the 2 others in the reserve list.

So, I am very surprised, honored and happy to be speaking at UKOUG Tech 2013.


  • Surprised as I was prepared to stay home.
  • Honored as the UKOUG is a great event (I have heard only good comments about this event).
  • Happy as I will be able to share my work and last but not least I’ll learn a lot from all the person that will be there.

Finally, this will be my first presentation and that’s a little bit scary ;-)

Hope to see you there !