As you know Oracle Data Guard provides high availability, data protection, and disaster recovery. It provides a comprehensive set of services that create, maintain, manage, and monitor one or more standby databases.

If you begin working with Data Guard and you want to learn quickly, I would like to mention a book around this area that I just finished to review:

Oracle Data Guard 11gR2 Administration Beginner’s Guide

Oracle data guard image

This book has been written by Emre Baransel and Nassyam Basha.

From my point of view this is a very good book to start around this subject. It is easy to read and provides also useful real-word practices and issues.

Book Contents:

Preface Chapter

1: Getting Started Chapter

2: Configuring the Oracle Data Guard Physical Standby Database Chapter

3: Configuring Oracle Data Guard Logical Standby Database Chapter

4: Oracle Data Guard Broker Chapter

5: Data Guard Protection Modes Chapter

6: Data Guard Role Transitions Chapter

7: Active Data Guard, Snapshot Standby, and Advanced Techniques Chapter

8: Integrating Data Guard with the Complete Oracle Environment Chapter

9: Data Guard Configuration Patching Chapter

10: Common Data Guard Issues Chapter

11: Data Guard Best Practices Pop Quiz Answers

You can find some sample chapters here or the whole book here.