Yesterday was the first of December and I detected an issue with the script when dealing with the collectionTime attribute.

It produced:

Month '12' out of range 0..11 at ./ line 255

This is due to the fact that when using perl localtime/timegm the valid range for a month is 0-11 with 0 indicating January and 11 indicating December (while the collectiontime attribute is using 1-12)

The script has been updated to take care of this rule (It can be downloaded from this repository).


  1. Without this update the script did not produce wrong values for the DELTA(s) field (It was simply not possible to launch the script during December).
  2. Guess when I discovered the issue? When I was speaking about my script during the UKOUG TECH13 conference. Live demo never works as expected :-), but with the help of some attendees (Big thanks to Martin Nash) we managed to bypass the issue during the live demo.